The Fault in Our Stars*cue tears

Dear hopefully-fellow-tfios-lover,

Okay,It took me a few hours(days,weeks,months) to function after reading this “book”(do NOT be deceived by it’s appearance,it is actually a knife which will pierce your heart repeatedly)

Me after reading this book:

“Oh!look at that ant,it kinda looks like a black star….star,the fault in our stars*tears”

“*looking at a window..I never realized that window has the word in in it…..tfios has in in it*tears”

“*sees Charlie and the chocolate factory……life is not a wish granting factory*tears”

“*starts this post with an okay……….okay?okay.*TEARS”

This book made me feel infinite emotions in the limited pages in it.

I wish I could say more but life is not a wish granting factory.

My words are words I can’t form into meaningful sentences.

I fell in love with this book the way you love,deeply and strongly.

It was a privilege having my heart broken by this book.

I’m like a not-strong-dam,one day I’m going to collapse and flood the whole world with my tears.

It’s a metaphor you take a book than can make you cry,and read it anyway.

The marks this books leaves are permanent.

okay I’m out of weird puns,I was gonna write a review but I like my choices,I hope you like them to.

Now I’m out of weird puns,honestly

Next time this book is printed it should come with a warning,or a request-Please go into the nearest store and buy all the tissue boxes in it,you will need it.

Yours truly,


P.S If you read this absolutely phenomenal,heart wrenching,beautiful,all-other awesome adjectives I can’t think of book,we are going to become besties.