A procrastinator’s guide to procastinating

Dear whoever-is-reading-this,

Procrastination :The action of delaying or postponing something

If procrastination was a kingdom,I’d the queen,if it was a school,I’d be the principal,if it was a  book,I’d be the author,if it was a….you get the picture?I’m basically a master procrastinator,and proud……most times….okay,sometimes…I’m not proud of it*sigh

So basically I’M going to teach YOU how you know if you are procrastinating,*drumroll

step 1:

brain:”this project is important,we better get started”.

heart:”this project  is not due for a while,we’ll do it later ”

step 2:

brain:”maybe we should get a head start.”


step 3:

brain:”better get started.”

heart:”I’m busy right now……I want to see which blade of grass grows faster.”

step 4:*24 hours before the dead line

brain:”we should really get started.”

heart:”we still have time,I don’t need to sleep”

step 5:*2 hours before the dead line


brain”that’s what you said the last time”

So,moral-we should never procrastinate ,take me for example, I’ve been procrastinating all week BUT I finally decided to post this post……..even though it’s only because I have lot’s of  homework which is due in 3 days time and I want to pretend that I’m busy(alas,the irony)


Yours truly,



“Procrastination?No,I just wait until the last minute to do my work because I will be older,therefore wiser”-random quote on the internet