To person-who-is-reading-this,

HEY YOU, Are you searching for a blog which has-5 min recipes to delicious food?perhaps amazing travelogues from all around the world?or maybe a ticket to survive parenthood?or a peep into one future’s greatest mind?

If you are,this is not the blog for you

Why?well every time I step into the kitchen a catastrophe occurs,I’ve been living in the same country all my life,I’m a teenager not a parent and hmmmm maybe I will become one of future’s greatest minds,who knows?(GOD:I KNOW)

Who/What are you?-you ask(or maybe you didn’t ask,but I’m telling anyway:P) Just a 14 year old teenager who loves books/Disney/food with a passion and just in case you couldn’t tell from the tagline


Yours Truly,



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