What to do when your bored

Dear reader,

If boredom was a sea my life would be the biggest island in it,enough said -_-

#1 Annoy your sister/brother

#2 Walk up to people with your photo and ask them-“have you seen this person”

#3 Play flappy bird(WARNING:causes anger issues-consult doctor)


#4 Draw pigs

#5 Make a post on what to do when you are bored on wordpress

#6 Stare at a person till the get creeped out

#7 Put a walkie talkie in your mail box and shout at everybody who walks by

#8 Call your friend, and tell them you can’t talk right now, cause your busy.

#9 Go into a store, ask what year it is. When they answer your question, jump triumphantly, pump your fist in the air and say: “Yes! It worked!”

#10 Put a dora doll in the middle of Walmart.When someone tries to pick it up yell “SWIPER NO SWIPING”!!!

Yours truly






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