*insert clever and intelligent sounding blog post name

Dear reader,

Hey, didn’t see you there

Hi,what’s happening?

Hello,what’s up?

…….okay,I’m nervous,let’s start over

HI,I’m……Ginger(side note:that’s not actually my name,I just don’t want people I know to find this blog and know that it’s me,if they do they’ll make fun of me till the day I died,that is if they don’t kill me first for not telling them about this blog)and this is my blog!!(……stating the obvious)and this is my first post(….stating the obvious AGAIN),okay I’m just going to go ahead and explain the existence of this blog before it…..turns into a book?

  1. I can put my thoughts on paper….I mean webpage.
  2. I CAN RANT(CONFESSION/DISCLAIMER/WARNING:I rant without permission,so beware)
  3. also well,have you ever wondered what you were thinking about when you were younger??I have and so….I created this blog,so that the older-me can find out how it’s younger self( present me)’s mind works,does that make any sense?

My reasons seemed better in my mind

Well,this is awkward…….for the first time in my life I have run out of words.

Okay then,I am gonna stop now(reader: FINALLY!!!!)

BYE :)…actually more like 😦

Yours truly,


P.S  Future me, if you are reading this…..HIIII:)

P.SS Sorry about the blog name,my brain is not fully functional right now.

P.SSS Why does wordpress activate the sad smiley face and not the happy smiley face,that is really…..negative

P.SSS Don’t worry I swear this is the last one,thanks for reading:)


My forte is awkwardness-Zach Galifianakis(me:I feel you buddy)

















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